Talibés' drawing
Talibés and childrens rights
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Talibés drawing

     2017 - Format HD - length 19'58 - Sénégal (Sali)


Three young Talibés learn the Koran in a senegalese school called Daara. A meeting is going to change their everyday life. The meeting of Mouhammed, an other talibé child who does not dare to come back to his daara since three days. The three young boys will then take action to help him solve his problem.



In Senegal, children can be placed a few years in schools called Daara to learn Koran. But without help, certain Daara struggle to answer children’s basic needs. These children are sent to beg and sometimes live in really hard conditions. This movie doesn’t take position in relation to the learning process but simply proposes an improvement of life conditions.


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