Break the cycle
Child Labor and education
Break the cycle

     2018 - Format HD - lenght 22'49 - Inde (Gorakhpur)


Ramesh is 12 years old. From his dad's point of view, it is time for him to start working at the factory and help his family. Starting his first day at work, Ramesh is going to meet other children and discover their stories. He is mostly going to realize that working in a factory might not be a solution that will help him and his family getting out of poverty.



In 2018, there are still 168 million child labourers worldwide, including more than 12 million in India. In factories, on the street, in stores, these children often work every day, sometimes in a forced manner.Unfortunately, the child’s income will not lift the family out of poverty. Most importantly, the lack of access to education will keep the child in poverty, forcing him to put his children to work later. Making people aware of this cycle is the goal of the film.

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